How To Choose The Best LED Lighting For Your Garage

When you love working in your garage or simply use it to store your supplies, LED lights can provide the optimal outcome in terms of brightness and efficiency you expect.

Now, if you want to know how to choose garage LED lighting, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive buying guide today. Here we will be discussing the key factors that need your careful consideration before buying LED lighting for the garage.


How To Choose The Best LED Lighting For Your Garage


So, let’s begin!

Choosing The Garage Led Lighting: Factors To Consider



If you want to illuminate every corner of your garage, then go for a LED light bulb having 3500 lumens and above. Lumen is a scientific measurement of brightness that reflects the output of true light without taking the energy consumption into account. Generally, the higher the number the greater the brightness will be.


Color Temperature

I know you hate the garage when it looks dim, especially when you have eye issues. That’s why choosing LED light with optimum color temperature is particularly important. Besides, there is a correlation between brightness and color temperature. An earlier studies found that LED lights with a color temperature between 4000 to 7000 Kelvin provide sun-like brightness similar to the daytime.


Energy Efficiency

If you spend hours working in the garage and still want to cut the electricity bill, there won’t be a much better option than LED lights. Because research shows that they consume less than 60% energy comparing to the regular bulb while producing the exact beam of light.  However, don’t forget to check and opt for the one with the Energy Star Certification.


CRI (Color Rendering Index)

If your garage is also your work station, then it is important to see items in their realistic color. And it is determined by CRI which effectively measures the ability of the light source to show the real color of an object to the benchmark of the sun. Usually, a light bulb having a good CRI of 85 or above is ideal to reveal the true color in your garage.



Choosing LED lighting for the garage is a smart option for you as their lifespan is significantly longer than the fluorescent bulbs (50,000 hours vs. the 15,000 hours). This saves you a lot of money on replacement and repair bills.


Safety Certificate

Before you invest in LED lights, always ensure that whether they meet the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or ETL (Edison Testing Laboratory) certification as minimum safety standards.


Ease of Installation

It is important to ensure whether all the required accessories are in your product packaging and whether it comes with a clear installation guide. You should also look for the one that is easy to mount on a wall.


Bulb Housing

Investing in good quality durable housing is worth considering to keep your light safe, and thus avoid replacing now and then.  Going for aluminum body housing would be far superior to any other plastic. They are waterproof, corrosion resistant and endure strong solvents found in a garage.


Wrapping Up

Your garage should look welcoming and that’s why we wanted to simplify how to choose the best LED lighting for your garage. We hope our buying guide has worked well in this instance.


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