5 Best Ways to Tenderize Steak and Tough Cuts of Meat

Every time tender meat gives you a mouthwatering taste. If you don’t know how to make a tender steak the right way, I am here today to tell you about it. This comprehensive guide will show you the five best ways to tenderize steak and even tough cuts of meat.



Now, How To Make A Tender Steak

Tenderizing steak or tough cuts of meat is not rocket science at all. You have to follow these easy tricks to make the steak tender.


1. Tenderize The Meat Physically:

The first thing you should do is breaking down the muscle fibers of the tough meat steak. A meat mallet comes handy here to get the job done for you. However, you must be careful when pounding the meat. Because you don’t want to ruin your meat with the mallet. Also, a knife or even a fork will be pretty much useful here for scoring the surface of the meat.


2. Marinade It Properly:

You may have steaks with a beautiful cut, but trust me, they are not perfect yet for eating. You need to marinate the meat before cooking so that it becomes ready to be grilled for you. Here, adding lemon juice or little vinegar will be kind enough to marinade the meat properly. For tenderizing meat with vinegar, you can also use a marinade meat injector. However, the entire process should be done within a maximum of two hours. Also, you should salt the meat before cooking as it will create a natural brine into the meat, and the flavors will be concentrated.


3. Cook It Slowly:

Here comes the third step to make a tender steak. You have to cook the meat by keeping the temperature low. However, don’t forget to keep your meat at room temperature before starting the cooking. Any slow cooker like a Dutch oven can make your day when it comes to cooking slowly. It is essential for tenderizing the meat as it takes some time to break the collagen of the tough meat. Therefore, you should keep patience while cooking the steak. Then again, it would help if you followed the right temperature to tenderize the meat entirely.


4. Rest The Meat:

This is a simple step, but you should never avoid it. You have to let the meat rest for a while. Otherwise, it will be dry and tough to cut. Also, it will help you to cut the meat in proper shape.


5. Slice The Cooked Meat In The Right Way:

This is the last but not the least step that you should follow. Slicing the meat is a combination of art and science. You have to slice the meat crosswise, which is against the muscle fibers, making it effortless and tasty when you eat.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a cheap steak tender?

Answer: Although you can follow the above five steps to make it tender, there is a simple and easy trick as well. Just take a tablespoon of salt and rub it thoroughly to the meat. Rest for a couple of hours and soak the meat with a dry tissue paper will make your steak tender and ready to cook.


How to tenderize eye round steaks?

Answer: You can follow the below-mentioned ways to tenderize the eye of round steak.

✔ Properly marinating the steak

✔ Treating with enzymes

✔ Beating with hammer

✔ Needling them with tenderizer


How to tenderize meat without a mallet?

Answer: In this case, you can use a fork or knife to perform shallow cuts to loosen the fiber of the meat. Besides, you can adequately marinade them so that the meat can become perfectly tender.


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