Dear valued customer,

Please read the following ordering procedure carefully before purchasing. We have exceptionally well devised ordering procedure. We assume before any order finalization you have read and understand the procedure described in this page. If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact us at


Ordering procedure step by step:

1. Click the product that you like. Input your desired quantity. Click add to cart.

2. A side menu will appear and confirm your cart.

3. You will have 3 options – very flexible to any customer

✅ View cart

✅ Checkout

✅ Continue Shopping

4. At any stage of shopping you can quick view your cart clicking this icon:

You’ll see your order quantity in place of 0 in actual purchasing time.

5. After your shopping is finalized, click “Checkout” option

6. Fill up your Shipping Address – Please note that billing done through emailing so we do not need a separate billing address.

7. You need to fill up all required fields. Please be careful of your email address spelling.

8. We have two recognize, secure and standard payment method – PayPal and Stripe. Choose your preferred payment method.

Before purchase confirmation you must read, along with ordering procedure understand and accept our Refund and Cancellation Policy, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

9. After you confirm your purchase, you’ll receive an email with the Order number and order details confirming your order is received.

10. You have 1 hour for emergency products and 4 hours for all other products to cancel your order in case you would change your mind. For details please see the Refund and Cancellation page from this link:

11. After the time mentioned above is passed, we will enter order processing and shipping stage. In most cased within 48 hours we will send you a tracking number with a link to track your order.

12. If there is any change in the shipment stage of your order we will inform you proactively.

13. Please make sure your email box is functional and not full so that our email can reach you properly.


You are always welcomed to write to us at if you have any query related to your order or shipping.


Thank you.