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Providing Clinical Grade Traction And Decompression Therapy, Which Helps Lift Your Upper Body, Unloading The Weight Off The Lower Back And Allowing The Muscles To Relax. Helping To Relieve Pressure Off Pinched Nerves.



Through Traction, Reduce The Burden Around Ligament, Bring Good Rest For The Damaged Lumbar Fibrous Ring. Stretch & Relieve Tight Lower Back Muscles And Relieve The Pain Such As Degenerative Discs, Hyperglycemia Of Lumbar Vertebra, Long Time Driving Or Sitting, Scoliosis And Anesthesiologists And More.



Can Be Used During Activities, Or While Resting And Relaxing, Such As Walking, Sitting, Lying Down, Gardening, Golfing, Working Or Even Driving.



One Size For 29 To 49 Inch Waists, Light And Portable


Back Problems Are Bad For Long Term Health & When Back Pain Is Not Treated, It Affects Your Health And Leads Into Mental Health Problems Like Poor Focus, Restless Nights, Increased Stress, Reduced Productivity And Social Impairment. This Directly Affects The Quality Of Your Life.


What’s The Solution?

Use The Same Therapy Chiropractors Use To Decompress The Spine And Relieve Lumbar Pressure.




The Decompression Belt Stretches And Retracts The Lower Back As It Inflates With Air. This Gentle Traction Helps Decompress The Spinal Discs. Decompression Helps Relieve Pressure Off Pinched Nerves, Degenerative, Herniated, And Bulging Discs.

Relieving The Pressure Allows Degenerative Discs To Get The Water, Oxygen, And Nutrients It Requires For Faster Healing. It Permits Herniated And Bulging Discs To Return To Their Normal Position And Condition.



Look And Feel The Difference. It’s Easy To See That Back Pain Prevents A Pain-Free Life, But Did You Ever Wonder How Not Having Back Pain Feels?

Listen To The Difference Yourself

‘This Is A Wonderful Product! I’ve Had Spinal Arthritis For 30 Years But Still Have My Own Landscape Business. I Can Tell When My Pain Is The Result Of A Pinched Nerve Or Muscle Fatigue, This Belt Has Helped So Much In Just A Short Time. I Wear It About An Hour Everyday And Can Totally Feel The Difference! Amazing!! I’ve Only Had This Belt For About A Month But Have Recommended It To Several Friends. Great Value For Money!’★★★★★
– Clarry K, Chicago


Used By Doctors And Back Specialists During Visits. When It Is Inflated, It Increases In Height Cradling The Hip And The Lower Rib Cage, Helping Lift Your Upper Body, Unloading The Weight Off The Lower Back And Allowing The Muscles To Relax. Ultimately Decreasing Pressure On Your Back, Stretching Tight Muscles, & Decompresses The Discs.


Less Pressure Means Less Pain
Massive Pain Reliever!


Get The Decompression Belt Today & Feel The Difference In Under 20 Minutes!

▶️ Provides Spinal Decompression Therapy To Heal Pain Naturally.

▶️ Relieves Painful Pressure Naturally For Several Hours/Days After Use.

▶️ Stabilizes The Lower Back For A Taller, Straighter Posture.

▶️ Improves Core Strength To Support A Straight & Healthy Spine.

▶️ Stretches Tight Muscles To Relieve Stiffness And Soreness.



Q/ Will This Weaken My Back Muscles?

A/ No, It Will Not! Our Belt Is Not Made Out Of Super Stiff Material That Will Keep Your Posture Locked In Place Like A Cement Vest, Nor Is That Even Healthy. Our Belt Is An Aid That Helps Your Muscles Maintain The Correct Posture, Acting As A Constant Reminder To You And Your Muscles That Keep Your Posture Straight. Your Muscles Will Develop And Strength Over Time To Maintain A Healthy Back And Posture.

Q/ What Size Is Right For Me?

A/ The Size Of The Belt Fits Waist Sizes From 29 in (75 cm ) to 55 in ( 140 cm ).

With Specially Designed Stretchable Materials And Straps, Our Decompression Belt Can Be Adjusted To Fit A Wide Variety Of Body Types, Men Or Women.

Q/ Can Women Wear This Too?

A/ Yes! It’s Specially Designed To Fit Around Both Male And Female Physiques.

Q/ How Long Can I Wear It?

A/ Your Body Will Not Be Healed Of All Pain Right Away, So It’s Better To Use The Belt For A Little While. It Is Recommended To Follow Instructions To Adjust The Belt To A Comfortable Position. Once The Desired Pressured Is Identified, It Is Recommended To Use The Belt Daily For A Minimum Of 30 Minutes A Day. Stop Wearing It As Soon As It Becomes Uncomfortable; Take A Break And Wear It Again. We Recommend Not Wearing It To Sleep. Most Of Our Customers Achieve Great Success Wearing It 2-4 Hours At A Time.

Q/ Can I Wear It Under My Shirt?

A/ Yes! Our Decompression Belt Is Designed To Be Sleek So That It Fits Under Shirts Or Clothing, So You Can Be Wearing It In Public Without People Noticing. But For Maximum Comfort, Consider Wearing It Over Clothing.


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8 reviews for Lumbar Decompression Belt™

  1. Team Passion Customer

    Seems to have some effect you can definitely feel an upwards push.

  2. Team Passion Customer

    Very good quality and it’s best used directly on skin instead of t-shirt.

  3. Team Passion Customer

    The product is good, came quickly, packed well.

  4. Team Passion Customer

    It works very well, helps to maintain a correct position and relieves waist pain.

  5. Team Passion Customer

    The item exactly corresponds to the description. Thanks.

  6. Team Passion Customer

    The belt is made qualitatively. Works great.

  7. Team Passion Customer

    Excellent product. Great seller. Fast delivery.

  8. Team Passion Customer

    It’s an excellent product! Highly recommended.

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