Magnet Release Keychain Fishing Glove

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Handle fish carefully if you practice catch and return:



✅ Have you ever HOOKED and injured your hands while fishing

✅ Do you encounter cuts from sharp fins, hooks, or when you break a tangled fishing line?

✅ Are you allergic to fish slime

✅ Are you constantly looking for a towel to wipe all of the grime and slime from your hands or to remove the fish from your hook


It’s time you carefully handle fish the right away and avoid cuts and excessive use of towels….Guys don’t we hate laundry anyways. Introducing the Fisherman’s Glove Made for safe and clean fish handling. So why is it a must-have fishing accessory for professionals and amateurs alike? Finally, you have a way of protecting your hands from:


✅ Incidental cuts from hooks

✅ Dangerous cuts from the sharp teeth and?fins?of fish

✅ Painfulcuts and scratches

✅ Sharp gill plates

✅ Painful cuts from fishing lines. And if you need to break a line, all you need to do is wind the line a few turns around your glove and pull

✅ Protection of fingers and palm. Palm width is 3.75 x 4.53 in – Length is 8.66 in. (sizing approximate).




Magnet Release

✅ Strong magnet, which is a fantastic device for holding the glove in place

✅ The magnet is very strong. You will not lose the glove without noticing

✅ Slide your hand in, and it detaches all in one slick motion

✅ Use one hand. Easy to put on and take off: catch the fish, release it, stick it back on the magnet and… you are ready to fish again!

✅ Hang the glove on your belt or vest loop for quick access



No more grime and slime

✅ Keep your hands clean

✅ Say goodbye to the bloody towels

✅ Excellent non-slip grip

✅ Waterproof

✅ Easy to clean, quick to dry


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