Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

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Control your phone while driving. It’s easy and safe.



You will also get a bracket that can be used to fix the controller to the steering wheel.


✅ The wireless connection function of the controller will not affect the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone to the car speaker.

✅ With the wireless controller, you can remotely control your phone for selfies, videos, meetings, and other occasions.

✅ It also has a magnetic design on the back, which can be absorbed on the metal surface.



✅ Three buttons with different functions can help you complete daily mobile phone operations, including click, scroll, and return.



✔ Phone Controller × 1

✔ Adapter × 1




Joystick: Controls the direction of the mouse pointer and has a confirmation button. (Quick button twice keeps the confirmation state, the third press is to end the confirmation operation.)

Scroll wheel: Control the current page-turning.

Keys: Back key or exit key.

Battery drawer: place CR2032 battery (negative side up).

Bracket: clipped to the appropriate position of the steering wheel, the bracket is suitable for the steering wheel grip size 28-35cm (Please clip it to the appropriate angle and position according to your personal habits, so as not to affect the driving).




Sleep: There is no switch on the transmitter side of this product, it will enter the sleep state without any operation within 30 seconds.

Wake up: double-click the back button to wake up.



This product supports Android 4.4 and above, IOS13 and above systems, you don’t need to download any software, just plug the receiving end into your phone.



✅ Android: Open [Settings] – [Smart Auxiliary] – [Accessibility] – [Large Mouse Pointer] in your phone (Some brand phones do not have this function).

✅ IOS users: Please follow the system guide to set up.



Combined with the voice operation of the smartphone, it can improve driving safety.



✔ Do not place this product under high temperature. The battery may explode due to overheating.

✔ High-temperature will affect the suction force of the magnet at the bottom of the transmitter, which will affect the direct combination of the transmitter.

✔ This product is convenient for the driver to control the steering wheel with both hands while driving safely.

✔ To achieve the simple operation of mobile phones, users must not rely on this product excessively when driving a car.

✔ It is not allowed to use this product in violation of various laws and regulations. Our company is not responsible for any consequences caused by it!


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