Top 5 Sleeping Position for Middle Back Pain

Do you suffer from middle back pain? Is that pain disrupting your night sleep? Well, then check out our 5 best sleeping positions and bid adieu your middle back pain naturally.


Top 5 Sleeping Position for Middle Back Pain


Sleeping Position for Middle Back pain :


1. Lie On Your Back

When you are sleeping on your back, it allows your spine, neck, and head to stay in a straight line. The body weight is distributed evenly, and thus it minimizes pressure point. Placing a pillow under your knees will add more support to your spinal alignment.


2. Sleeping On Your Side With Straight Legs

Side sleeping while keeping the torso and legs straight is recommended for snorers and sleep apnea since it keeps the airways stable and open. Adding a tiny pillow between your knees promotes a neutral spine while preventing your legs from putting pressure on the lower back.  Thus you avoid the odds of waking up in pain.


3. Adjust To Your Body Type

The width of your hips compared to your waist, dictates the types of surface you need while side sleeping. You should sleep on a rigid surface when your hips and waist are fairly straight. But when your hips is wider than the waist you need a softer bed to house the width of the pelvis. It will help your spine stay neutral, reducing the pain there.


4. Avoid Lying On Your Abdomen

Never lie on your belly because it squeezes the natural curve on the spine and puts much strain on the associated muscles. Additionally, you might suffer from neck and upper back pain sleeping in this position.


5. Avoid Sleeping On A Fetal Position

Most of us tend to sleep on our side with bend legs. It is called the fetal position.  Being most common, it is bad if not the worst sleeping position that deters the neck and the upper back from reaching a neutral position. This promotes uneven weight distribution and back pain.  But if you can’t give up sleeping like this at least ensure that your bending legs are kept relaxed rather than pulling high to the chest.


Product That Can Help


Some gadgets can help you to loosen up your lower back and ease the associated pain. And, this award-winning multi-level lumber relief back stretcher from BACKRIGHT cannot be left out in this respect. It helps improve your muscle flexibility and restore the natural curvature of the back.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can sleep position give me back pain?

Yes. A poor sleeping position can cause or increase your back pain. This is because some sleeping positions place uneven pressure on the neck, hips, and back.


Where should a lumbar support be placed?

When you are sitting in a chair, a Lumbar Support Pillow should be positioned vertically across the back of the chair so that it can lean smoothly against the lower curve of your back. It will support the spine while keeping it upright.


What causes pain in the middle of your back and chest?

If the muscles of the spine, the nerves, the bones don’t work accurately within the right position, then the pain arises.



We hope the things that we have discussed above are useful to you in achieving a pain free sleep and will boost your healthy lifestyle.


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